Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Watch out Judd Apatow, my girls give this movie a run for it's money. (I never understood what that phrase means)

I've carefully selected four girls to back me up on my special day, not only because I know they'll be amazing bridesmaids, but because I know they'll do whatever I tell them to do.

They're picking out their own dresses (with general guidelines) and making or buying their own wings. That's right, we're all gunna be little woodland faeries.

So without further ado, here are the final four that will accompany me in my journey down the aisle...

Jennifer Pintus My maid of honor. Jen was the first friend I made after moving back to Texas from Florida in '03. We bonded through the artform that is hockey, specifically the Dallas Stars. We were both carless, jobless, and moneyless at the time, and she would have to take the train to come see me. My mother and I would pick her up at the station and drive up to Frisco to do a little light hockey player stalking. She used to sleep over, and we would watch the Stars games in my room. If we weren't together during games, we were texting or IM'ing each other.
Last year I was the MOH for her November wedding to Giacomo. I knew she would be the only one to fit the role of my MOH one year later, and that being each other's MOH's will bond us for life.

   Tink One of my oldest friends, I first met Tink in Jr. High when we were only 15. We were both outcasts, "Mansonites" as they called us in those days. We often hung out in her room listening to Manson, ICP, and Enya. She was the one that introduced me to faeries (now you all know where her name came from) and at one time her wall was adorned with drawings of faeries I drew for her. We loved dressing up, doing our make up and hair all crazy-like, and putting glitter on everything.  I guess some things never change.

Jessica Saul Back in 2000, I started working at the MJDesigns on Preston and Forest. I often shared the "Customer Service" booth with a brown haired girl with a saucy attitude and an amazingly dry sense of humor. We worked together for awhile just as "work acquaintances" until one day she noticed a silverchair button on my purse. Anybody who knows me knows I've been obsessed with silverchair since 1995, so when she pulled down the back collar of her shirt to show me a silverchair tattoo on her shoulder blade, I knew I made a friend for life. We moved to Orlando together in '01 to stalk *NSYNC get out of Texas, lived in hotels together, worked together, and were basically joined at the hip. Now we're old ladies who enjoy painting pottery while reminescing of our wild youth. BOYS!! *sniiiiiiiiff*


  1. Awwwwww BOYS!
    p.s. My head looks photoshopped, and I still had braces. LOL!

  2. I'm so happy for you Kelly!
    It's been a long time since we last seen each other but I gotta say it's so fun to be linked still. :)